Who are the Saints of Barking?

Here are the main saints associated with the monastery, some of whom feature in the icon below (in bold).  Various spellings of the names of the Saints are in use.

The monastery at Barking was founded in 666 AD and dedicated to the Mother of God. 

St Erkenwald “the Light of London”, Abbot of Chertsey, Founder of Barking, later Bishop of London (+693, feast: 30 April)
St Ethelburga, his sister, first Abbess of Barking (+675, feast: 11 October)
St Hildelith, Spiritual Mother of St Ethelburga, second Abbess of Barking (+ 712, feast: 24 March)
St Theogirtha, first Novice Mistress of Barking (+681, feast: 26 January)
St Cuthberga, Queen of Northumbria, Nun of Barking, first Abbess of Wimborne (+725, feast: 31 August)
St Cwenburga, Nun of Barking, second Abbess of Wimborne (+735, feast: 31 August)
St Ethelburga, Queen of Wessex, Nun of Barking (+740, feast: 6 February)

In 870 Barking was sacked by the Danes

The Nuns of Barking martyred by the Danes (+870, December, no feast)

Possibly the Holy Monastery was then deserted.  In 970 it was re-founded as the Monastery of the Mother of God and St Ethelburga.

St Edgar the Peaceable, King of England, Re-founder of Barking (+975, feast: 8 July)
St Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury, Re-founder of Barking, (+988, feast: 19 May)
St Wulfhild, first Abbess of Barking after the re-foundation (+1000, feast: 9 September)

The Abbey of Barking then lasted until its dissolution in 1539.

The Synaxis of the Saints of Barking is celebrated on the Saturday on or after 11 October.

Icon of the Saints of Barking
Icon of the Saints of Barking by the hand of Dimitrios Hakim

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